Saturday, June 4, 2011


Good morning (It's a little after midnight here in Michigan :-)

Just a word of each day with EXPECTANCY!

When you go to church Sunday morning, enter in with an urgent, eager expectation! (Psalm 100:4, Acts 2)
Expect God to do the RIDICULOUS!  (Daniel 3)
Expect God to draw your unsaved loved ones to the know that particular, hard-headed, unsaved loved one that's stuck on living a life contrary to God's Word-expect God to DRAW THEM IN ALL THE WAY! (Proverbs 11:21, John 6:44)
Expect God to heal your body of any sickness/infirmity plaguing you! (Matthew 8:8, James 5:16)
Expect God to cause men to bless you financially and/or network wise! (1 Chronicles 4:10, Luke 6:38)

Take the limits of God; trust Him and expect Him to perform on your behalf! (Psalm 37, Philippians 1:6)