Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Deliverance is available-YOUR CHOICE

Good morning MMCC Fam!

This is your lil sister in Christ Shairon stopping by to encourage you, letting you know that deliverance is available!  However, you must be real with yourself, acknowledge that you are in need of deliverance and then ask God to deliver you.

Deliverance and sanctification goes hand in hand.  To be delivered and sanctified requires a process that often takes time.  It first starts with a will.  Acquire a will (new mindset) to quit sin and to be made anew. When you have a determined mindset to do better, God sees that and will help you along the way.  You will begin to see things differently.  Your desires will change, from worldly desires to godly ones.  You will long to please God, crave for His presence and to be fed by His Word.  We are cleaned through the Word (John 15:3).  His Word convicts us, cleans and encourages us to do things right in His eyes. 

Mercies are new everyday (Lamentations 3:22-23).  He allowed us to see another day, another hour and NOW is the opportunity to decree and declare to yourself that you will be delivered and set free!

Reference Scriptures:  Psalms 39:8, 145:18, 2 Corinthians 5:17

Sunday, September 9, 2012


Hi Family!

It has been a while....almost five months to be exact. 

It's amazing how life happens, and our focus tends to shift on "things" that seem so important, our time and energy are consumed, and Jesus is left chilling in the corner somewhere.  This is not to discredit what life may bring, because our focus may be shifted to some seriously weighty matters;  HOWEVER, do not allow life to overtake your spiritual life.  Life has a way of draining us naturally and spiritually.  Right now, spiritually, I feel like I am in a desert, and it's my fault!  I take FULL BLAME.  When life happens, new opportunities are presented and with that comes decisions which will introduce COMPROMISE.

With that being said, it's all about BALANCE.  If you are like me, and feel like you're in desperate need to get back to that place where it was you and the Lord, and the fellowship/devotion just couldn't get any sweeter, let us touch & agree that God will send a revival that will rejuvenate and restore our hunger and thirst for HIM!  Touch us again, fill us again dear Lord.  We empty out all!  Use us again, speak to our hearts; FORGIVE US in Jesus' name.


Scripture references: Psalm 63; Philippians 3:12-14