Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Good morning Fam!  Here is your inspiration for today!

I read the following devotional, and it truly blessed me.  It made me realize the importance of being in the presence of God-to hunger and thirst for His presence.

What is PRESENCE?  Encarta defines presence as existence in place; the physical existence or detectability of something in a place at a particular time.

Oftentimes, you can't fully/adequately describe His presence.  There is a certainty of His presence that's indescribable. In His presence, there is joy unspeakable.  In His presence, there is a calming, soothing peace. In His presence, there is a blessed assurance knowing that He KNOWS, and that He is there. He knows our beginning from our end.  He, in fact, is all-knowing.  Have you ever opened the Bible, read a few passages and all of a sudden, there are sweet tears of joy? A smile unexpectedly stretches across your face. You feel a stillness that's sweetly resonant within your being.  You are caught up in a place in that space and time where it's just you and the LORD.  Everything going on around you in that moment is in the past.
Everything that plagued your mind just moments prior has evaporated.  That right there, is experiencing His presence.  It's comforting. Why?  Because in His presence, there are NO worries.  I would dare say that in His presence, it is IMPOSSIBLE to worry!  We are in the presence and in the arms of a loving God who says, I will never leave you, or forsake you. 

I pray that you enjoy this devotional and remember to invite the presence of God to follow you, all the days of your lives. Click on the link below.  "You're the King, and you're invited to come in...."  ~Donald Lawrencehttp://links.intouchministries.mkt4193.com/servlet/MailView?ms=NzI5OTU0OAS2&r=NTY1NTAwMjYyMzcS1&j=OTU5MzA4NTgS1&mt=1&rt=0

Scripture references:  Exodus 33:14; Psalm 16:11, 140:13

~Shairon Taylor, Desire to INSPIRE

Friday, November 1, 2013


Good morning, here's your inspiration for today!!

The power of a PRAYING couple (courting - engaged - married) is magnificent!  Many yokes can be destroyed by one's prayer alone.  Just imagine how much "DAMAGE" a COUPLE can do in the spirit, eradicating the acts and territory of the enemy! WOW!
I was inspired to share this post on Facebook a while back, and I am sharing on this blog.  One thing I desire for my future husband is for him to be a man of intercessory prayer-one who knows how to battle in the spirit, standing in the gap for God's people.
To my SSWs-Saved, Single & Waiting Sisters:  I encourage you to pray for your future husband in advance, and pray that he be a mighty man of prayer, in Jesus' name!

"Encouragement for married couples/soon-to-be married couples:
A praying man and a travailing woman who flows together in the Spirit can eradicate every demonic force that TRIES to invade your territory. Continue to yoke together in intercessory prayer; not only will it build up your most holy faith, but it bonds you two closer even the more. Am I married or engaged? NOPE. Just preparing myself.

#FAITH #Preparation #PrayWithoutCeasing #NothingLikeAManofPRAYER"

Be blessed, be INSPIRED!''