Sunday, July 31, 2016

Too Far Gone?

"I MESSED UP, AGAIN!  I told God I wouldn't do it again!"
"I keep messing up, I might as well stay where I'm at; God won't take me back now."
"God will NEVER forgive me!  I'm just TOO jacked up!"
"I am a mess; God can't use me."
"God doesn't love me; if He did, I wouldn't be in this position.  He would make me better!"
"Why won't God just make me DO RIGHT?!"

I think it's safe to say that most, if not all of us, have been there, on multiple occasions. You ended up in bed with that man/woman, although you told God you wouldn't allow yourself to make that mistake again. You've picked up that drink when you've vowed to never drink again when He delivered you from alcoholism.  You started lying your way through life again, when you vowed to be truthful. You are bitter and jealous towards your loved one because they are abounding in the blessings of God, and it seems like you're left in the corner.  You navigated towards those sexually-driven forms of media to pacify your need for fleshly gratification because you're single and God is dragging His feet with sending you your mate.  You've picked up that blunt when you told God that you would not desecrate your temple like that anymore.  You went back to those friends that refuse to give Jesus a chance to be their Savior. In fact ...  some of us may have blamed God for our indiscretions, thinking that because He's perfect, He's loving and generous, He'll just make EVERYTHING, including us, "RIGHT." NOT!  Before we fell, we had a CHOICE. We have to be prepared to deal with consequences of our choices.  God always makes a way of escape (1 Corinthians 10:13).  When you felt yourself being drawn away of your own lusts, you had the opportunity to realize the gravity of the situation, turn around and FLEE. (James 1:12-16).

One of the awesome things about God is that He does not "make" us love Him. I know I do NOT want to "make" a man love me, so of course, God feels the same.  God is a gentleman; He will not force Himself upon you.  God wants us to come to Him willingly, of a humble heart and broken in spirit.  God wants an intentional relationship with us! Be intentional in your Walk with Him.  Although His infinite power will allow Him to do whatever He wants, instead, He'll gently tugs on our hearts, draw us towards Him (Jeremiah 31:3).  And if you are reading this, right now, guess what?  He is NOT done with you!  TODAY is the ACCEPTABLE day of salvation, the acceptable time to make the conscious decision to dedicate every fiber of your being to Him for His glory which ultimately works to your benefit
(2 Corinthians 6:2).'s a costly Walk (dying to yourself, your will, your thoughts and completely yielding to the will of the Lord), but the rewards are oh so worth it!

Jesus' brutal death was costly, too,wouldn't you agree?  It paid for your SALVATION.  Paid for mines, too.

He continuously extends His loving hand of grace towards us.  How?  By simply allowing us to see another day - another day of grace and mercy - another chance for a "do-over."   It is July 31, 2016.  He brought us through another month.  Many didn't make it, but you (the reader) are here!  Now, does that give us a ticket to use grace as an excuse to sin?ABSOLUTELY NOT.  Read Romans 6.  One of the things I love about Jesus is that He first loved ME; and because I love Jesus, I refuse to abuse His grace!  I dare not use grace as my "crutch."  It is a GIFT, unmerited; one I totally DO NOT deserve!

Oftentimes, the enemy likes to create this illusion in our minds that we can be so heavily immersed in sin, that the possibility for redemption is practically null and void.  Sometimes we have to get to our lowest point before we realize that our Father (GOD) loves us and is awaiting our return.  You might be in your own trough of sin right now; you might be in fellowship with swine (naturally/spiritually malodorous and contaminating conditions) but God is waiting for you, with outstretched arms!  You were created and chosen for PURPOSE (Psalm 139:14; John 15:16).

A couple of months ago, while I was deep into editing a manuscript, the author used Luke 15 in a certain chapter of their book.  Luke 15 contains a couple of parables told by Jesus Christ; one of which being one of the most popular parables: The Prodigal Son. Despite his Father's wishes, the Prodigal Son took his portion of his inheritance and moved away.  In order the inherit something, typically the person who's administering the portions of inheritance has to die.  So, in essence, his father was dead to him.  He just wanted what he wanted so he can live it up.  That alone, is saddening.  It was like, "Dad, I really don't care about YOU; I'm only interested in what you got for me."

But, it took the son to get to an extremely low point in life (pig trough) to realize that he had a father who he could return to.  And when his father saw him, he didn't shun him; he didn't scold or ridicule his son saying "yeah I knew you would be back." No; he met HIM halfway, and loved on his son!  He was so grateful that his son came back home!  This love is truly representative of Father God's love towards US. 

I think most of us have experienced a "Prodigal Son" moment.  We were only interested in the benefits and blessings of Father God and didn't give a care about GOD.  We want to "speak it into existence" and "name it and claim it in Jesus' name," expecting God to "hop to it" because, you know, there is power in our words.  Yeah, okay. What is your motive?  SELF CHECK.  Will God be glorified?  Are you just using the Scripture to your self-serving advantage, or because you realize that the Word is nourishment to your soul and spirit? 

With all of that being said, once again, if this is YOU, and YOU are reading this right now, know that you have been given another day of grace and mercy, and another chance to REPENT (CHANGE). You might have done this and that.  You might be angry in your heart towards God for some things that happened in your life.  Do you realize that you can express that to Him?  Tell Him how you're feeling!  You are not too far gone; you are alive with another chance to patch things up with Father God through His Son Christ Jesus.

Don't believe the devil's lies. The devil is a deceiver.  Snatch that veil that the enemy has placed over your eyes and run to the feet of Jesus.

In the words of Heather Lindsey, Jesus loves you like crazy!  Sounds a bit "out of character" vocabulary-wise, but it's the truth anyhow.  He totally thought you were to DIE FOR.  LITERALLY.

Be blessed, be inspired,

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