Saturday, December 31, 2016


Wow, this year has flown!  I remember this time last year, I accomplished my goal of getting my year-end blog post published.  Here I am, a year later publishing another year-end blog post.  God is good and for that, I must give Him all of the praise and honor due to Him alone.

A couple of days ago, I saw the following image in a post on Facebook:

I must describe my 2016 as ELEVATING.
I have embraced elevation in several areas of my life: mentally, emotionally,  spiritually, and ministerially. In a nutshell, my faith elevated to a new dimension, to the point I've witnessed God's movement in the smallest, yet most impactful ways. 
It's amazing what can happen in a year's time.  It's amazing what can happen in a week-in 24 hours, even!
Thinking back to this time last year, I was in a different place mentally. I've heard of "positive affirmations" but gave them no consideration.  An affirmation is simply defined as, "the act of affirming" which is "to say that something is true in a confident way."  It's not a crazy ritual; it is the act of making positive statements that will not only create a positive atmosphere, but will breathe fresh life into your mindset overall.  It is key essential to speak life into your own lives.  The Bible says, "Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof" (Proverbs 18:21). There is POWER in what we say; a lot of things are "spoken into existence."  Great example of this:  The heavens and the earth. 
God did not physically labor to create the world we live in; He spoke, "Let there be..." and it was.  As heirs of the Kingdom of God, we have the God-given power and authority to speak life.  I've heard it for years, and just this year, 2016, I tapped into it and it totally reformed my way of thinking AND speaking.
I was given a "Favor Confession" about five years ago.  I looked at it and thought, "this is nice."  I tucked it in my Bible and gave it very little attention.  Over time, I would come across it, look at it and back in the Bible it went.  Then, earlier this year around March, I was introduced to the ministry of Dr. Cindy Trimm.  Another friend of mine sent me a link to one of her prayers.  It was powerful.  That ultimately led to binging on other Dr. Trimm YouTube videos.  The one that stood out to me the most was "Commanding Your Morning," which is based off her book.  She expounded upon the power of WORDS - words spoken, written and thought.  Then, I thought back upon that little Favor Confession I tucked in my Bible.  Around April, I was still fresh on my "War Room" kick, so I took a page from that movie, taped that Favor Confession to my bedroom wall and read it daily.  I noticed that as I read it, each day going forward I began to tailor that confession to fit me; I read it with a firm belief and authority.  My thought process ELEVATED.  I began to notice little things happening-I was commanding my morning!  I noticed positive results.  No, it's not a "genie in a bottle" type ritual; it's an act of FAITH.  I spoke what I believe, and I believed what I spoke!  I began to speak blessings over my life, my ministry and ultimately, my businesses.  Yes, that's plural. I'm building two businesses.  
When I received that confession five years ago, I gave the idea of entrepreneurship/building a Kingdom-minded business little to NO thought.  I was content with my
"9 to 5." My contentment lead to complacency.  Had no clue that my mindset would be reshaped over the course of time.

To boil it all down, here's a sequence of events that took place after I began to command my morning:
April: SLT Inspirations LLC became a legal entity, a book I co-edited hit Amazon's Top 100 Best Sellers
May: I became a wellness advocate with doTERRA International, LLC (an essential oil company)
June: I began actively building both businesses

July:  I was ordained as an elder in my church

August: Let me pause here.  This is a pivotal moment where I saw "Commanding My Morning" come to life. 
My car needed some expensive work done.  I was in no shape to take on that expense, with the risk of something else possibly happening because my car was an older car.  Driving to work, my car sounded like a Mack truck.  With the weight of the world on my shoulders, I went to my office, closed the door, and played Dr. Trimm's Entrepreneurial Declaration prayer.  I turned my worry into worship in those moments. I began to speak life although it didn't look the very best in that moment.  Less than a week later, I was blessed with a new car, driven right off the showroom floor.  Don't worry or bellyache; give thanks and speak life!
September: My rank advanced with doTERRA.
October-December:  I was hit with the ebb and flow of business.  Sometimes it looked bleak, other times it was good; however, I witnessed God's provision in moments where I needed it most - moments where it seemed like nothing was going to happen.  Because I chose to continually believe and continually speak LIFE!  Unspoken prayer requests were ANSWERED! It was a desire of my heart, and God heard it.  In the last quarter of the year, God revealed Himself as Jireh, for real for real!  The Lord, our Provider.
I've also started my own single women's ministry group page on Facebook, which was inspired by a blog post I published a couple of years ago:  SSW: Single, Saved and Waiting Sisters.
With all of that being said, I've experienced an elevation in various ways.  It's like, I have absolutely no tolerance for negativity.  Even when people around me attempt to take me down that road, I divert it with positive, encouraging words!  I tell them about the works of Dr. Trimm and how I thank God for her ministry. I have a fresh, new zeal for life.  I have a greater appreciation for all things.  I am learning to take the life lessons out of all the unfortunate things that happen.  I'm not living a life of tangible luxury accentuated with no worries; but I have a newly elevated mindset and awareness to not allow any bad circumstances to alter or shape my life and attitude.  I bring those things under subjection to the spirit and hand it right over to God.  Yes, I deal with challenges. I have to give myself a pep talk once in a while, words of faith and inspiration.

Let's go into 2017 with an elevated mindset; let's improve our thoughts, our initiative and our words.
There's a saying that goes like this:

God bless you all and have a wonderfully blessed and prosperous new year!

In His love,