Friday, December 8, 2017

Because You're Mine, I Walk The Line

I guess you're saying or thinking, here she goes with another blog based off another song.

Well, yeah.

Here am I, once again, with another blog that stemmed from another song.  Being a musician who loves the word of God, I guess it's only befitting to receive fresh revelation from God through song lyrics.

I love the movie, Walk The Line, which chronicles the life of Johnny Cash and his budding relationship with June Carter Cash.  One of his hit records shared the same title of the movie. When I heard him croon the words, because you're mine, I walk the line, I thought about it from a spiritual perspective.  I researched the song lyrics' meaning, and according to Wikipedia, it says, "The song's lyrics refer to marital fidelity, personal responsibility, and avoiding temptation and criminal behavior."

My pastor gave a demonstration one Sunday about how this Christian walk is and should be.
The Bible says that wide (or broad) is the way that leads to destruction, and narrow is the way which leads to life (Matthew 7:13-14).  The word "line" is defined as "a long narrow mark on the surface." (Merriam Webster) The narrow way gives no room to fall into error. There's virtually no room to sway off track.  If you do, it could be life-threatening (naturally and spiritually). It's straight and rigid. Think about a tightrope walker in the circus.  They carefully walk that tightrope, slowly placing one foot after another.  Sure, they have a safety net (JESUS) under them to catch them; but their aim,  focus and driving initiative is NOT to fall; their aim is to walk the line without falling (without making an error).  Sure way to NOT FALL is to live life through the word of God.  Be doers, not hearers only! (James 1:22)

But the singer says, because you're mine, I walk the line.

Johnny Cash, I Walk The Line
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I think about how much I truly love the Lord and how I belong to Him.  I am in total awe of His amazing grace.  I was redeemed by the Blood of the Lamb, the shed blood of Jesus Christ (Hebrews 9:12).  By His amazing grace through faith and His Son, I am saved. He loves me with an everlasting love according to Jeremiah 31:3.  And because I am God's, I walk the line.

Because I truly love the Lord and desire to honor Him with my entire life, I walk the line.  I walk the straight and narrow path.  I walk according to the word of God. I am ever so grateful for each day He blesses me to see. I walk the line not because I'm scared of eternal damnation (although I am terrified of the thought, that's not my sole reason why I walk this Walk); I walk the line because He first loved me, and I love God, through His Son, Jesus Christ.

Even in our relationships (for those of us who believes in and practices monogamy), it's pretty much the same. Because of the love we have for our mate/spouse, we walk the line.  We care about their heart; we desire to be a help and make them happy.  Walking the line is a discipline that's rewarding on a multitude of levels.

So, I totally get Johnny Cash; I just flipped the words:

Because I'm God's, I walk the line...