Thursday, December 27, 2018

Feeble, But Necessary

2019 is less than a week away!  My heart is filled with such anticipation and expectation. As we approach the new year, I felt a tug to share this download with you all.

During my devotional reading time yesterday morning, I stumbled across a Scripture in Apostle Paul's first letter to the Corinthians.  In chapter 12, he discusses the spiritual gifts, as well as believers being the body of Christ.  This verse particularly struck me:  Nay, much more those members of the body, which seem to be more feeble, are necessary; and those members of the body, which we think to be less honourable, upon these we bestow more abundant honour;... (1 Corinthians 12:22-23).

Feeble and yet, necessary.  And deserving of more abundant honor. Wow! 
Apostle Paul is basically saying that those members that seem to be weaker are absolutely necessary (1 Corinthians 12:22 AMP). Merriam-Webster defines feeble as "very weak; not good enough: not successful or effective."  Now, by definition, it would seem as if Apostle Paul's statement is contradictory. Something that's not successful or effective deemed necessary? Let's look at it from a physical perspective.  Think about those small members on our bodies.  They are small and weak when used alone; however, they carry great purpose.  If we attempt to do a handstand on the weight of our pinkie finger alone, we are subject to break a finger.  Why?  Because our pinkies were not designed for that purpose. So, if your purpose seem minuscule in the eyes of society, so what?!
God created you with an unique purpose.  You may not be purposed to become the next president of the United States or CEO of a Fortune 500 company, and that's okay!  You are fearfully and wonderfully made to do something great!  What is that great thing?  It's up to you to seek God and find out. 

Great, swelling titles/positions does not make one with a lesser position or title any less important.  Oftentimes, the ones with less authority, who are working and grinding behind the scenes are the ones who truly make things happen.  Think about films.  When it comes to making a film or thinking about movies in general, the titles that stand out most are: lead actor/actress, supporting actor/actress, writer, director, producer, composer, just to name a few. However, when you see those credits scrolling at the end of a movie, it took more than just the writer and director to make the movie.  There's a seemingly endless list of names who played a role (big and/or small) in bringing that film to the big screen. From the one who sewed the actor's costumes to the one who mopped the set floor.  They each played a significant role.  How about the extras in the films who are uncredited?  Some of Hollywood's biggest actors and actresses got their break in being an extra in a film.  Their role may seem feeble or insignificant to some, but like Apostle Paul said: it was necessary.

No matter where you are or what you are doing now, know that little is much in the eyes of God.  There are many Scriptures to support that thought.  Whatever you do, whatever gift you have, from washing walls to etching a wall in a blueprint for the newest skyscraper--do it heartily as unto the Lord.  The size of your talent doesn't matter.  What matters most is you putting it to use, and not wasting it.  I'm reminded of a quote from a movie, A Bronx Tale: "The saddest thing in life is wasted talent."  Jesus thought so, too. (Matthew 25:14-30)

Picture courtesy of Google

As we approach and step into 2019, go in with a renewed mindset and refined determination to bring your best before God. No matter how big or small your gift or talent is, do it heartily unto the Lord. (Colossians 3:23)

I pray you were inspired,


Scripture references: 1 Corinthians 12:22-23, Colossians 3:23 

Saturday, November 3, 2018

Oilspirations: My Journey to Health and Wellness

**DISCLAIMER: doTERRA does not claim or intend to treat, prevent, cure or diagnose any ailments. This blog is faith-based, intended for inspiration and information purposes only. 
Please consult your doctor if you're interested in natural supplementation.***

“I like what I see; whatever you’re doing, keep doing it.”

My doctor said those words to me with a satisfied look upon his face.  He looked at me like a dad who's proud of his child for eating all of their veggies. Talk about shocked and relieved all at once!
s I walked out of his office that afternoon, I thought, “Hmmm, that oil worked.”

That was five years ago. 

Once upon a time, I was a skeptic.  I was not open-minded enough to give any consideration to natural methods of health and wellness.  My mindset was conditioned to the modern ways of "healthcare."  However, two things of major significance occurred in my life that compelled me to embrace God’s way of health and wellness.

I was diagnosed with hypertension. I had a fear of becoming dependent upon prescription medicine; therefore, I had to make some changes, and make them fast. I knew what could happen as a result of a growing dependency upon prescription medication.  Hence, my oldest sister...
My oldest sister, Missionary Donna Washington

My oldest sister became terminally ill and as a result, she carried what I call, a “miniature pharmacy,” with her.  I knew that one or two of those medications clashed with one another.  She had so many, she had to set an alarm on her phone as a reminder to take each one.  
She took all of those prescription meds, to absolutely no avail. 

She transitioned in February 2014 at age 50.

I work in gospel radio, and one of the broadcasters at that time introduced me to essential oils.  After inquiring about which oils would help hypertension, she mentioned Wild Orange oil.  I ordered the oil and used it internally by adding two to three drops to my water.  My weekly regimen consisted of using wild orange essential oil one day, prescription meds the next.  I did this every other day-oils one day, meds the next. At my follow up appointment, my BP numbers improved dramatically.  Since then, I stepped out on faith and chose to manage my health naturally.  I am no longer on prescription medication.  I watch what I eat, increase my water intake, use doTERRA essential oils prayerfully and take doTERRA Lifelong Vitality Supplements.  Total game-changers. 

Since then, I’ve shared doTERRA Wild Orange oil with other people who battled hypertension and swelling in their feet and ankles.  My mother, who also takes a plethora of prescription medications, eventually incorporated essential oils into her daily regimen.  It has significantly helped with her swelling and arthritic conditions. I have been sharing the “Gospel of Essential Oils” ever since, and those I’ve introduced essential oils to gave me nothing but praise reports.

As a minister and wellness advocate, I share doTERRA oils, seeing to the need and health concerns of all I come on contact with. I stand upon James 5:14 when I share oil. 

doTERRA for me, is more than a business; it's MINISTRY.  Essential oil is truly a God-ordained miracle.

I plan to continue my "Oilspirations" with you, so stay tuned!


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**DISCLAIMER: doTERRA does not claim or intend to treat, prevent, cure or diagnose any ailments. This blog is faith-based, intended for inspiration and information purposes only. 
Please consult your doctor if you're interested in natural supplementation.***

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

HUMILITY: Make Haste, Come Down!

I love when God gives fresh, illuminating revelation of His word!

As I was reading my devotional on YouVersion, the corresponding Scriptures to this day's devotional reading took me to Luke 19.  Here we find a well-known story about a rich, chief tax collector named Zacchaeus, and his encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ.

A man of such high caliber, it would seem like brother Zacchaeus had it "all together."  Nevertheless, apparently there was, something lacking, if you will.  My pastor often says that she believes that God placed a "hole in our soul" -- a void that only He can fill. Many seek tangible things and people to fill that void: money, high socioeconomic status, business/career, sex, drugs, food, etc. that may provide temporary fulfillment or relief.  After the ecstasy has waned, the high has dissipated and the food has gone through the process of digestion and elimination, you still have LIFE and all of the issues therein.  Only God can fill that hole in your soul and give you the peace, everlasting love and pure joy that we all long for.  One of the steps to receiving such peace and joy is by HUMBLING OURSELVES before His majesty.

Zacchaeus was short in stature, according to Luke 19:3.  Due to such restriction,  Jesus, who was among the press of people could not be seen by Zacchaeus from ground view. Therefore, Zacchaeus took the aerial view and climbed a sycomore tree in order to see Jesus.

And when Jesus came to the place, he looked up, and saw him, and said unto him, Zacchaeus, make haste, and come down; for to day I must abide at thy house. And he made haste, and came down, and received him joyfully.
Luke 19:5-6

So many nuggets lie within this passage of Scripture; however, the one verse that slapped me and hence, birthed this blog post, was verse five.  Jesus called up to Zacchaeus saying, "make haste, and come down; for to day I must abide at thy house."

That day was the acceptable day of salvation for brother Zacchaeus.  Although Jesus may have been talking about his physical house or dwelling place, I believe that Jesus was also referring to his HOUSE-Zacchaeus' heart, his life.  He wanted to abide with him and in him (Luke 19:9-10; John 15).
Before he told him that he needed to abide at his house, he commanded him to make haste and come down. Yes, Zacchaeus was physically up high in a tree, however Jesus' command may have been two-fold.  Jesus wanted Zacchaeus to come down from the tree and COME DOWN- get off his
"high horse." Come down and humble yourself before the mighty hand of God, and do not be slow about doing so.  

Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines humble as, "not proud: not thinking of yourself as better than other people; given or said in a way that shows you do not think you are better than other people; not haughty, not arrogant."  Although there is no biblical support to show that Zacchaeus was arrogant, the Bible declares that it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God. (Mark 10:25)  Zacchaeus was rich and the chief (not A chief, but THE chief) among publicans (tax collectors). As human beings, it is very easy to get caught up in the hype of success. If it's not managed carefully, pride can sneak in and set your course on a sudden tidal wave to destruction. We can hypothesize and say that brother Zacchaeus may have battled with pride (we all have in some form), being a man of high socioeconomic class; however his heart was tender before Jesus, and Jesus recognized it. 

I ate my slice of "humble pie" when I was laid off work back in 2009.  The Lord revealed to me overtime that I had some pride issues when I was working for the County. To date, that was the best job I've had from a financial standpoint. The job provided opportunity to grow and embrace promotion. More than likely I would've still been there if I wasn't laid off. Lord only knows where I would be now; nevertheless, I had to "make haste and come down" so Jesus could abide at my house. Although I was saved and lived a righteous life to the best of my God-given ability,
I needed a true heart check.  God checked me, took me through a season of dying to myself and learning Him as my true Source.  The job became my pride, my joy and my source. 
God knocked me out of my "sycomore tree," and I fell straight to my knees. And that, was grace.

2 Chronicles 7:14 says If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

There is a process to capturing the attention of God, and it requires HUMILITY.  It is much better for you to humble yourself and not let God do the humbling FOR YOU.  Pride and a proud look are deplorable in the eyes of God.  Prides goes before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall. A proud look is an abomination. (Proverbs 16:18; Proverbs 6:17)  True humility is a key-vital component to living a righteous life, pleasing before God.  

If you struggle with humility, it's okay.  You are not alone.  Pray, and ask the Father through Jesus Christ, to help you to humble yourself.  Ask Him to remove every prick that's hindering you from growing to greater.  And begin to thank Him for cleansing your mind and your heart. 

I pray you were inspired, for it is truly my "Desire to INSPIRE"...


Scripture references: Luke 19, Proverbs 6, Proverbs 16

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Monday, September 3, 2018


It is times like this where I am truly grateful for my faith in God.

Just like many people, I have some personal challenges I'm currently dealing with. When pondered upon too long, the weight of the situation(s) have the power of evoking unending waves of anxiety, if not managed properly.

As I was getting ready for work this morning (8/21/18), I kept hearing the word "rooted" in my spirit.  It resonated with me as Scriptures pertaining to such topic popped in my mind. I thought about the first Psalm of David, when he said "and he shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that bringeth forth his fruit in his season..." This number of Psalms illustrated the way of the righteous man.  A righteous man/woman is planted and rooted in God.

Root is defined as "the part of a plant that grows underground, gets water from the ground, and holds the plant in place." It is also defined as "the cause or source of something."

Trees thrive best when planted by water.  This is how roots gain nourishment for strength to keep the tree planted. God is our wellspring of joy and our source of strength.  Jesus is even described as the "living water," and if we drink from this water, we shall thirst no more (John 4).  Ultimate fulfillment comes from God alone, through His dear Son, Jesus Christ.

Roots are unseen.  They are hidden in soil. The strength of the root is shown through the effervescence and vivaciousness of that tree.  As righteous men and women of God, we do not have to scream that we are saved and devout followers of Jesus.  Our proclamation will show through the life we live, especially in how we weather the storms of life. 

If you are spiritually dehydrated, it can weaken your roots (faith in Jesus). Ever notice how most trees remain standing during the strongest of storms?  The reason why they stand is because those trees are rooted securely.  Of course, we've seen trees that were uprooted during tumultuous storms. More than likely, those roots were either old and/or weak, or the roots were unable to anchor themselves in the soil.  Are you maintaining your roots? Are you planted and anchored securely in Jesus?

Salvation through Jesus is more than a mouth confession and belief.  It is a lifelong walk and journey!  In order to gain natural strength, we feed our bodies with nourishing, healthy food. A righteous man or woman of God have the remarkable ability to remain strong through the trials of life because they are fed with the Bread of Life and Living Water - Word of God. 

I remember watching my mother rejoice at my sister's (her first born) funeral.  My mother praised God in dance all in front of my sister's casket. To some, this would seem odd. Even ludicrous. To righteous men and women, this is our norm. Why on earth would a mother rejoice while her daughter lie in a casket? Because my mother is planted and rooted in Jesus.

My mother could rejoice because she knew that her daughter was saved.  She lived a righteous life before man and God.  Mom knew that her first born was at eternal peace.  My sister did not have to suffer anymore.  No more pain. No more medication.  No more surgery after surgery after surgery. Weeks before her transition, we gathered around my sister's bed and prayed fervently for her.  She emerged from a state of unresponsiveness straight into a loud praise.  She cried out in a clear strong voice: "YES LORD!"  Why?  Because she was securely planted and rooted in Jesus.

Jesus is the root cause of my peace in the midst of the storm.  He is the reason why I am no longer worried about various life circumstances. I am rooted and grounded in Jesus, who is the Root and Offspring of David (Revelation 22:16).

Plant yourself in Jesus, water yourself with the living water of His word, and you'll be able to stand to weather the tumultuous storms of life.

I pray that you were inspired,


Scripture references: Psalm 1, 1 Peter 4:12-13, Revelation 22:16

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Sunday, May 20, 2018

Traveling the Distance

There is truly nothing like the indwelling power of the Holy Spirit. In the words of UK recording artist Seal, having Jesus in my life is a "growing addiction that I can't deny." (Kiss From A Rose, 1994)

When you are spiritual, you mind the things of the spirit (Romans 8). You are open to how God speaks, which He often does in the variety of ways.  God is so unlimited and unrestricted in how He deals with His creation.  Example: Driving along I-75 on my way to the Red Ink Conference.

My colleague and sister in Christ, Tenita Johnson, hosts a Red Ink Conference each year.  This conference ignites the author, editor, playwright to utilize their gift with no reservation.  Over the last  three years, I've seen major growth and phenomenal results.  This conference birthed many budding authors and placed a fire under the feet of those aspiring to write.  It is a work that I'm sure for her, started in tears; but now, she's reaping the harvest of years she'd sown in tears.

Driving along the interstate, I meditated and prayed for traveling mercies.  I thought about the distance I was traveling as I anticipated the wealth of information I was about to receive at this conference. Troy is not terribly far from where I live, but it's certainly not around the corner from me either.  After a quick glance at my GPS, I continued driving and took notice of how the sky clouded up as if it was about to pour down any minute.
Picture courtesy of Google
I kept driving, and literally out of nowhere, RAIN!  No warning droplets of rain, but downpour!
The roads immediately transformed from dry to extremely wet pavement.  Bumping my windshield wipers up to a faster speed, I marveled at how it seemed to be raining in one place.  It was like, I drove INTO IT.  As I continued down I-75, the rain dissipated, however the roads got rough.  Michigan is known for our infamous potholes after a harsh winter season. Potholes replaced the dotted lines that divided each lane. As long as I stayed in the middle of the lane, I didn't haven't to worry about pot holes or damaging my car.

Next thing I knew, I was staring deep inside the trailer of a truck in front of me.  It startled me a bit because I'm not accustomed to driving behind an 18-wheeler with an OPENED back end.  My first thought was "What's gonna fall out of this trailer and crash my windshield?" The long, seemingly unending hallow hall of darkness loomed in front of me and evoked a weird, scary feeling.  The longer I stared into this dark space, I felt anxiety brewing.  I had to get from behind this distraction.  Once cleared, I switched lanes and kept it moving.  

Then, the revelation initiated it's heavenly download and the tears came.  Just like Father God.

Webster's define distance as a point or place that is far away from another point or place.
Oftentimes, we will have to travel outside our comfortable space to get to the next phase of our destiny.  And that's good, because extreme comfort can produce complacency.  Growing in your gift/craft often requires traveling outside of your norm to achieve next level success.  Some of the most precious things aren't within our reach.  

Traveling the distance will bring about obstacles, challenges, introspection and conquering fear.
Sometimes you may have to do things scared.  The objective is to get it done. The rain came upon me quite suddenly.  Although my visibility was limited, I still had to keep moving.  We may not see our all that our future holds.  Because the storms of life have reduced visibility, our future may seem gloomy.  The thing about rain is that it promotes growth.  We would have a drought (naturally and spiritually speaking) if rain ceased completely.  Through Christ, we can soar above the storm.  Just keep moving.

Traveling the distance can be rocky.  Although the rain dissipated, potholes appeared along the lines that divided each lane.  I was reminded of how our walk is a straight, narrow walk and wide pathways leads to destruction (Matthew 7:13). All I had to do was stay right in the middle/center of the road.  I chuckled because I thought about my sister, Pastor Lisa Reeves and how she preached about staying in the middle.  The center is a place of stability.  In fact, in my blog "STORM ALERT," I talked about whenever we have a tornado warning, we are instructed to go to the lowest part of the house/building or the CENTER of an interior room.  When we are centered, rooted and grounded in Christ, storms of life can arise and attempt to shake our faith.  But being centered makes us unmovable. That's why the psalmist said "and he shall be like a tree planted (grounded) by the rivers of water..." (Psalm 1:3)  That water is the living water, which is Jesus Christ.  He brings that fortifying nourishment we need to stand!

Traveling the distance can be scary.  Seeing that long narrow dark space inside that trailer disturbed me.  Do you realize that the enemy wants you to abort mission and not fulfill the divine assignment on your life?  The enemy will plant distractions in your path.  It is up to you to remove the distraction or no longer entertain it.  I could have continued driving behind that trailer and allowed anxiety to build up.  Instead, I refused to allow this distraction to disturb me, saw a clearing and got from around it.
God always makes a way of escape (1 Corinthians 10:13); it's up to us to simply utilize the option presented.

Traveling the distance, running this race (1 Corinthians 9:24, Hebrews 12:1) will not be a cakewalk, but as long as you keep moving with faith and patience, you will arrive into a place of immense blessings.  Do not be afraid to GO; just be LED by the One who knows the plans concerning your life (Jeremiah 29:11-13). 

Ignore those clouds; the Sun of righteousness is still there. 

Keep traveling the distance!


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Monday, March 19, 2018


As I was plugging away editing a book while on deadline, a particular thought from the book inspired me. Oftentimes, betrayal is part of the plan.
Why betrayal, of all things? Because sometimes, it takes chaos to produce greater results. I know, it still seems unfair. But if we could only see the end results, the end is glorious. Many times, pain is part of the plan to fulfill a purpose. Most of us are familiar with that passage of Scripture where Apostle Paul had a thorn in his flesh. Some believe that it was literally a thorn; however, if you read further you'll be able to determine that it wasn't literally a thorn. I will not go into much detail, as that would become more of a theological study. My point is that Paul had an issue and he went to God about it not once, not twice but three times.
God's response? "My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness."

Pain is part of the PLAN! (2 Corinthians 12:7-9) Oftentimes, we will not get a chance to truly see the hand of God at work unless He allows us to endure something. That trial or tribulation gives God a chance to say,
"Stand back, Baby! Watch Me work!"
Another famous example is Judas Iscariot, one of Jesus' disciples. Although quite unfortunate and cruel, it was part of the greater plan. And guess what? Jesus knew that Judas was going to betray him. He betrayed Him with a physical expression of endearment: a kiss. How wicked is that? But hey; it happens. We learn, and we move forward. It's all a part of this thing called life. When we approach life with an open perspective and a willingness to look at things from a positive standpoint, it will make life a little easier and tolerable. If we look at it negatively, embracing nothing but the negative aspect, then negative is all we'll get.
The word "agitator" dropped in my spirit as I reflected on the thought about betrayal being part of the plan. When I think of an agitator, I think of the part of the washing machine that rotates. I also think about a person who intentionally aggravates (annoys) and agitates someone.

In Wikipedia, an agitator is defined as "a device or mechanism to put something into motion by shaking or stirring." The agitator goes through several cycles of motion to get clothes clean. It agitates the clothes by vigorous motion and circulation to loosen and remove dirt and stains. With each cycle, the intensity of the agitator gradually increases before the purpose has been fulfilled. The process is very tedious, and it takes time, but the end result is glorious in the fact that you now have fresh, clean clothes to wear. Now, look at it from the spiritual stand point.  From chaos to clean! 

                      Photo courtesy of Wikipedia
About four years ago, I did a blog post entitled A Great Shaking and Awakening. It's amazing how God will drop a word or thought in your spirit to prepare you for what's to come.  The day I posted that blog was the very day my sister's health took a drastic turn for the worst.  I made the blog post that early afternoon.  That evening, she was almost unresponsive.  Yet, I held onto my faith.  
Each day between February 15, 2014 and February 28, 2014, I prayed and declared her healing.  I believed GOD!  She did not look like the typical "cancer" patient.  She maintained her full, curvy figure and weight. The only thing that made her look like a cancer patient was her short fuzzy hair that was growing back after chemo took it out. I would go up to Beaumont every other day or so, reading the Bible while she was attached to life support.  I read Psalm 121 to her, talked with her, held her hand as I anxiously looked for some small indication of life. 
As her condition continued to spiral downward, reality settled in our spirits.  She labored hard, and long enough. Me and my sister, Oona, looked at each other in that waiting room, and realized that God's will had to be done.  We had to release her to her eternal reward.    
That was February 27th at night.  At 12:32 p.m. the next day, my mother's first born and my big sister, Missionary Donna Washington, entered into her eternal rest, age 50.

What I realized some years later was that, through the SHAKING of her sickness and transition, it AWAKENED the desire within me to become a wellness advocate.  Her transition fueled me to teach people about the purpose of honoring God with our vessels by proper health, nutrition and natural solutions.  It is my mission to change lives, one DROP at a time through the power of doTERRA essential oils and other natural protocols.  It is my belief that if Donna had embraced natural solutions, it is quite possible that she would still be here.  Nevertheless, I am grateful that she is no longer suffering and hopefully, I can help other Donnas.  The agitation of that event resulted in who I am today.  Passion and purpose were redefined through pain and created a new platform.  
Recording artist Fantasia sings a song entitled Necessary.  I would encourage you to look it up on YouTube and let it bless you.  Embrace the agitator of life to shift you into your divine purpose. Don't think that the trials of life are just set out to overtake and destroy you. They're only necessary to make you into your best you.  

And the best part is that you're not going through it alone.  God will never leave or forsake you.
I pray that you were inspired!
Scripture:  1 Peter 4:12-13

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Pretty Mummies

Pretty mummies.  What an oxymoron!

We know that there is absolutely nothing pretty or glamorous about a mummy-especially one who has been mummified for quite a while.  The sad reality is that many people are walking around today as "pretty mummies."

In the wonderful world of social media, it is so easy to put up a post, upload a picture that radiates nothing but contentment and happiness.  You can say all of the right words.  Your facial expression exudes absolutely no care in the world.  In fact, with this fancy technology we have now, we have something called "filters," (I use them, too) which enables users to enhance and retouch their photos to eliminate every blemish and smooth out the "rough edges." Oftentimes, and unfortunately, people often get sucked into believing that things are just so "happy-go-lucky" and perfect for that individual, and because our lives are seemingly in complete contrast to what we're seeing, it evokes a spirit of depression and lack of self-worth; and our esteem is only boosted through "likes," "shares" and pleasurable comments.

Do you not realize that what you're seeing is done selectively?  In other words, they chose to post the good things-that heartwarming date at the fanciest restaurant in town, that new handbag, the new shoes, the new "boo," smiling and looking like their relationship is flawless and fairy tale like.  And although the picture captures one thing, the reality could be terribly different.  That relationship could be an abusive one, but social media friends wouldn't know that based upon the latest upload. The new shoes could have been stolen or purchased with bill money that was designated for something due like, last week!  People select what they want you to see.  And the bigger picture could look extremely dry and desolate, and just cropped to see perfection, layered with a couple of filters.  They are not going to post the bad days, the arguments (then again, some will sadly to obtain validation and support...), but for the most part, people will only present a perfect picture.

Many are dressed up, from their hair to their freshly-done toenails.  Clothes perfect and designed by the top designers; makeup flawless and meanwhile, rigor mortis is setting in on the inside.  Outside, they look like they lack absolutely nothing, and inwardly, they are screaming for help.  Inwardly, they are dried up and weary.  They are masking the true issues and not addressing those issues.  They are pretty mummies.  Or, in a term most familiar with today's society and culture, they are the "walking dead."

Well, what is a mummy?

A mummy is defined as, "a body embalmed or treated for burial with preservatives in the manner of the ancient Egyptians" or "a body unusually well preserved." (Merriam-Webster Dictionary)  To preserve is to "keep (something) in its original state or in good condition" or "to keep safe from injury, harm, or destruction: protect."

Picture courtesy of Google
"King Tut"

The above picture is the outward appearance or "death mask" of Tutankhamun, better known as "King Tut."  The outward appearance seems flawless, bedecked with royal colors.  The gold is shining.  The face is well structured.  But when that mask, that casing or the sarcophagus is cracked open, you'll see a drastic, contrasting image.  You'll see a mummy.  Feel free to Google to the actual corpse of King Tut.  I've seen images of what Tut really looks like and I can tell you, it's no where near the above image! 
According to Wikipedia, a sarcophagus is a box-like funeral receptacle for a corpse, commonly carved in stone and placed above ground.  It further says that "The word "sarcophagus" comes from the Greek σάρξ sarx meaning "flesh", and φαγεῖνphagein meaning "to eat", hence sarcophagus means "flesh-eating."  

We want the flesh to die (Romans 8, 1 Corinthians 15:31); question is: What's eating away at your spirit?

People are trying to protect an image while their current spiritual state is eating away at them, from the inside out.  Some of us are behaving in a way that alludes people to believe a false idea of our true feelings or situation...a facade.   We have some modern-day Lazaruses walking this earth.  Meanwhile, Jesus is standing there at the foot of your tomb (your mind, your heart, your soul) and He's ready to strip you of your burial garments that's holding you hostage and taking you to an early spiritual grave.  He's yelling for you (the real you, your real state) to come forth!  (Read John 11)


Don't stay in tomb. Climb out of that sarcophagus, come forth and allow the Great Physician, the ultimate healer, JESUS THE CHRIST, the anointed one, to bring you into a new place of LIFE-THE ABUNDANT LIFE, that's filled with peace, joy, love, forgiveness. Let Jesus strip you of those burial garments and wrap you with a garment of praise!  Walk in the newness of life!  No more facades!  No more putting on an act.  Be real and allow the Helper to help you!  You have not, because you ask not.

In His Love,


Monday, January 1, 2018

Space Invaders

Happy New Year 2018!

The new year is a time to reflect, to refresh and to rejuvenate.  We shift our minds toward greater things, we often do deep introspection and even remove things that are unnecessary or even harmful to our lives.

Sitting here in my cozy corner, I heard the word "invaders" in my spirit.  To "invade" is to enter a place in order to take control by military force; to enter a place in large numbers; to trespass (Merriam-Webster).

When I think of the word invaders, I think of one of those old sci-fi films about space invaders, where these aliens invade the Earth in an attempt to take over the land and take over the people's minds.  Then, my mind shifted to something more significant to us in this particular time: WiFi.

                                                          Picture courtesy of Google 

I thought about how we had to restrict public access to our WiFi at work because, due to our strong connection, we had others in the surrounding area utilizing our network. And, as a result of so much traffic to our network, it slowed things down and wrecked havoc on our system.  Therefore, our IT had to make some changes to prevent such unnecessary stagnation. Then, of course, I thought about it from the spiritual perspective.  

Many of us have a strong connection to the Father (i.e., a strong prayer life).  And because of that, some may seek us out (instead of seeking Father God themselves) and wear us down with mess and drama.  Subjecting yourself to situations as such, ALL OF THE TIME, can drain and weaken you.  Not necessarily making you weak in the faith, but in the sense of, "well, I WAS feeling great; now I'm emotionally drained! Help Lord!"

Yes, we ARE our brother's keeper; nevertheless, you have to protect your space.  You are not a garbage can, where folks just empty out all of their mess on you.  Even Jesus, the Son of God and God in the flesh, had to steal away for private time with God and of course, for refreshment. 
We pray for them and encourage them, yet we must tell them that they, too, have the luxury of casting their cares upon God, because He cares for us (1 Peter 5:7).

Beware of those "space invaders," who constantly drain you of your spiritual strength. 
Yes, one of the Fruit of the Spirit is longsuffering; however, Wisdom still reigns supreme as THE PRINCIPAL THING.  And wisdom will tell you to cut the sapsucker loose!  Do not allow people to drain you of your peace and possibly of your sanity.  Especially look out for those who are not making conscious steps on their own to make their own situations better.  Ask God to help you accurately discern between those who are in true need of prayer and encouragement, and those who are simply trying to leech off your anointing.  Discernment is key essential!

Beware of those invaders who only want what they can get from you. They come with self-serving agendas and ulterior motives.  You must pray for discernment and ask God to show you what this person is all about.  This must be applied in several areas: being single, being a pastor/having a ministry, personal relationships, business, family, etc.

This is even significant to social media and modern technology.  There are plenty of space invaders there! Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, text messaging, email, etc. are good, even great when used for good; but some use such forums for wicked, senseless and selfish deeds.  Beware of those who you allow in your personal space, even in your personal cyberspace!! Block and Delete are still powerful ministries! 

"Beware of the dogs, beware of the evil workers, beware of the false circumcision..."
Philippians 3:2 NASB

"So you will again distinguish between the righteous and the wicked, between one who serves God and one who does not serve Him."
Malachi 3:18 NASB

"But what I do, that I will do, that I may cut off occasion from them which desire occasion; that wherein they glory, they may be found even as we.  For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ. And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light."
2 Corinthians 11:12-14 KJV

Walk in love, but do not become blind and ignorant to the enemies' devices.  Watch out for the space invaders. 

In His Love,