Monday, September 3, 2018


It is times like this where I am truly grateful for my faith in God.

Just like many people, I have some personal challenges I'm currently dealing with. When pondered upon too long, the weight of the situation(s) have the power of evoking unending waves of anxiety, if not managed properly.

As I was getting ready for work this morning (8/21/18), I kept hearing the word "rooted" in my spirit.  It resonated with me as Scriptures pertaining to such topic popped in my mind. I thought about the first Psalm of David, when he said "and he shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that bringeth forth his fruit in his season..." This number of Psalms illustrated the way of the righteous man.  A righteous man/woman is planted and rooted in God.

Root is defined as "the part of a plant that grows underground, gets water from the ground, and holds the plant in place." It is also defined as "the cause or source of something."

Trees thrive best when planted by water.  This is how roots gain nourishment for strength to keep the tree planted. God is our wellspring of joy and our source of strength.  Jesus is even described as the "living water," and if we drink from this water, we shall thirst no more (John 4).  Ultimate fulfillment comes from God alone, through His dear Son, Jesus Christ.

Roots are unseen.  They are hidden in soil. The strength of the root is shown through the effervescence and vivaciousness of that tree.  As righteous men and women of God, we do not have to scream that we are saved and devout followers of Jesus.  Our proclamation will show through the life we live, especially in how we weather the storms of life. 

If you are spiritually dehydrated, it can weaken your roots (faith in Jesus). Ever notice how most trees remain standing during the strongest of storms?  The reason why they stand is because those trees are rooted securely.  Of course, we've seen trees that were uprooted during tumultuous storms. More than likely, those roots were either old and/or weak, or the roots were unable to anchor themselves in the soil.  Are you maintaining your roots? Are you planted and anchored securely in Jesus?

Salvation through Jesus is more than a mouth confession and belief.  It is a lifelong walk and journey!  In order to gain natural strength, we feed our bodies with nourishing, healthy food. A righteous man or woman of God have the remarkable ability to remain strong through the trials of life because they are fed with the Bread of Life and Living Water - Word of God. 

I remember watching my mother rejoice at my sister's (her first born) funeral.  My mother praised God in dance all in front of my sister's casket. To some, this would seem odd. Even ludicrous. To righteous men and women, this is our norm. Why on earth would a mother rejoice while her daughter lie in a casket? Because my mother is planted and rooted in Jesus.

My mother could rejoice because she knew that her daughter was saved.  She lived a righteous life before man and God.  Mom knew that her first born was at eternal peace.  My sister did not have to suffer anymore.  No more pain. No more medication.  No more surgery after surgery after surgery. Weeks before her transition, we gathered around my sister's bed and prayed fervently for her.  She emerged from a state of unresponsiveness straight into a loud praise.  She cried out in a clear strong voice: "YES LORD!"  Why?  Because she was securely planted and rooted in Jesus.

Jesus is the root cause of my peace in the midst of the storm.  He is the reason why I am no longer worried about various life circumstances. I am rooted and grounded in Jesus, who is the Root and Offspring of David (Revelation 22:16).

Plant yourself in Jesus, water yourself with the living water of His word, and you'll be able to stand to weather the tumultuous storms of life.

I pray that you were inspired,


Scripture references: Psalm 1, 1 Peter 4:12-13, Revelation 22:16

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