Thursday, December 31, 2020

Uncover to Heal

It is amazing how God can give you an entire message from a random incident--a random and painfully inconvenient incident at that! However, not only was there a display of God's healing power, but a revelation was attached to it.  

One Wednesday evening after Bible study, I started preparing dinner.  As I cleaned our pork chops, one particular pork chop was really thick. To make sure it cooked thoroughly, I made a slit in the thick portions of the meat with my knife.  Well, in my attempt to do so, the knife went a little too far, piercing the meat and nearly severed the tip of my middle finger on my left hand.  

Seemed like I was frozen in time. I ran cold water over the cut and applied Tea Tree essential oil to the cut.  That's when I noticed how deep the cut was.  And, we were out of bandages. Yikes! 
Thick blood ran relentlessly and I felt paralyzed because I did not want to leave a trail of blood on our floors. My husband was at work--at his new job where he's still in training and can not be on the phone. No amount of pressure applied would stop this bleeding.  I ended up with a "paper towel turban" wrapped around my finger that slowly turned red from this never-ending bleeding.  

"Shairon, you gotta go through emergency," I thought to myself. Off to Providence Hospital!

When I got to Providence, the security guard came out to my car.  I held up my hand, told him I had an accident in the kitchen while preparing dinner. Because of the severity of my issue, I was called back right after the receptionist placed my hospital bracelet on my wrist.  Long story short: thank God, the bleeding stopped enough for the doctor to glue the laceration and wrap it.  

Over the next few days, I struggled with showering and tried to wash my hands without disturbing the glue.  About four to five days after, the glue popped off but the cut was still very visible. The top of my finger resembled "PacMan."  Seemed like it wouldn't close.
"I should've got stitches," I thought. 

I ran through so many bandages because of the wear and tear from my day-to-day.  I would look at my finger between changing bandages and it seemed like my finger wasn't healing.  I thought, "God designed the body to heal itself.  I got too much to do; I can't type or play keys like this."
So, I prayed and began to thank God in advance for healing my finger. 

About two weeks after the incident, I remembered my niece and my husband both saying how the wound needed to breathe.  So one night, I went to bed without bandaging my finger.  The next morning, the tenderness was virtually gone, the old skin was flaking off and a new layer of skin was forming.
I rebandaged my finger for the day; however, later that week, I decided to take the bandage off.  Ultimately, I realized that the longer I kept the bandage on and kept trying to live life like everything was "normal," it actually slowed the healing process. 

The incident happened in early December. Today is December 31st and right now, the scar is almost invisible.  I have a new, smooth layer of skin on my fingertip.  I feel the tenderness only when pressure is applied, but it's not painful. I recall applying that same pressure a few days after the incident and almost screaming out in pain. 

While I was asking God to heal my finger, I kept covering it up with bandages. I had to uncover it and allow the wound to breathe. That's when I got the revelation.

Many of us are wounded from traumatic experiences of years past.  And we keep covering it up, refusing to talk about it with a confidant or someone who can help us through the healing process.  How many of us are spiritually and emotionally suffocating because we're constantly covering up our wounds, trying to act like it never happened?  You're trying to live life as normal while suppressing the hurt.  Suppressing and covering up an issue only slows the healing process over time.  Not only do we have the opportunity to take our hurts to God in prayer, but God has placed people around us who can help us through the process.  Now, the "bandage" has its place--but only for a season because of the severity of the impact.  But over time, that bandage gotta come off.  It can not stay on forever---physically and metaphorically speaking. 
Also, you never know whose healing will come because you've shared how you overcome your trauma. 

With me, I had a chance to physically see how God truly designed our bodies to self-heal. 
Spiritually speaking, we can do the same when we uncover to heal.  Now, of course, use wisdom in doing so.  Make sure you're talking to someone who genuinely has your best interests at heart and will pray you through, not gossip you out.  

Are you still bandaging wounds from 20+ years ago?  If you want to be healed, ask God to help you through the process. He will strengthen you to uncover the wound to let it breathe and heal.  Be healed, in Jesus' name.

I pray you were inspired,


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